‘Unplugged Ceremonies’ have been on the rise for a while now! An Unplugged Ceremony, is basically where you ask your guests to keep their phones and cameras in their pockets for the duration of the ceremony.

Now I have no problem with guests taking photos during the wedding day because it is how they experienced it, but unplugged ceremonies can be a great idea to keep all your guests present in the moment!

1. Focusing on the couple

The main reason I think an unplugged ceremony is a good idea is that it puts the focus back where it should be, on the two of you!

You’ve invited all of these important people to witness one of the biggest moments in your lives. By having an unplugged ceremony, your guests will be able to be fully present!

Now I don’t want to make it about us photographers, but I really don’t want to fight off some guests to get the shot. You’ve spent a lot of time and money on your photographer, and you deserve to have your ceremony captured beautifully.

I don’t want you to look at your photos of you walking down the aisle and see countless phone screens staring back at you! Wouldn’t you rather see your guests reactions in your photos than their iPads or cameras?

2. Minimize the chances of interference!

At one wedding I shot, a guest’s phone went off during the ceremony with a very unfitting ringtone (let’s just say it wasn’t one of Lady Gaga’s most appropriate songs). Apart from all the stares, it really interfered with the moment of the bride and groom sharing their personalised vows with each other. With an unplugged ceremony, you won’t have ringtones going off or people quickly checking their emails or social media!

3. Respect your privacy

Okay, so this reason won’t affect everyone, but I know some people would post any photo of you on Facebook, even though your eyes are closed and you’re not looking so great! Not everyone will want photos of themselves on social media without permission. I know I don’t!

I hope these points make you consider having an Unplugged Ceremony! If you want to know how to explain it to your guests without offending anyone, please send me an email and I’ll get in touch!