My promise to you

Your Wedding film, won't become a forgotten file on a USB.

You don't have to watch it on every anniversary, but rather in bed on a random weekday morning or cuddling on the couch with a glass of wine on an off day, but just know you'll experience all those emotions, every time.

The Team

I've curated a team with likeminded individuals that love weddings just as much as I do. 

Our team flourishes with the intentional structure I've created to apply on your wedding day.

This dynamic just works!

Perks of our Photo & Film Team:

One-stop shop.

I handle all communication for both photo & film before the wedding.

No "redo" shots.

or inteference of moments. Our team knows what it is about!

Cohesive and consistent style

Our photo's & film go together like avo & toast. We edit based on how it felt.

Something different.

Our highlight films have a lot of life in it. Like our photo's, we prioritise those in-between moments and share it with our signature split-screen style to make sure nothing important has been left out.


Photo & Film

Starts at: R40 000

We offer Photo & Film packages to our clients with a team loves wedding just as much as I do.

2 Photographers
Engagement session
2 videographers, 3 cameras
Add snippets from ceremony and speeches 4-7 minute film
ceremony speech recorded



Starts at: R15 000

Ceremony & Speeches are always recorded with the option of purchasing afterwards.

1 Videographer
3-6 min Highlights Film

Our Films


Multiple Camera Coverage

All the important moments are captured from multiple angles, especially during the Ceremony & Reception.

A Highlight Film

A film showcasing the most memorable moments of your wedding day. It captures the essence and emotion in a cinematic and artistic way.

Option of purchasing Ceremony & Reception Films

We record everything, so that you have the option of purchasing it later.

FAQ For Films


When it comes to highlight films, the final length depends a lot on the events of the day, the energy and hours of shooting. Typically most couples receive a film between 5-8 minutes long. When it comes to Ceremony & Reception films, each clip will be slightly shorter than the event in real life so you can relive it all.


We prefer to keep things nice and legal, so we have a music licensing site that we use, but in your wedding questionnaire we do ask what songs have significant meaning to help us establish the vibe when editing.

Otherwise I look at the songs you’ve chosen for your wedding, and if we can find covers or alternatives, we'll use them to capture the feel of your day.

Who is part of your team AND WILL CAPTURE OUR DAY?

We have multiple videographers that work with us. Our videographers are all in the film industry and more than qualified to shoot weddings on their own. The videographers are chosen based on availability for your date.

Because I handle all the communication, the team is properly briefed on your vibe and preferences and know exactly how I approach a wedding day.


A few things factor the delivery date of the rest of your wedding films. It depends on the workload queue, which depends on the season. We strive to give it by your second or third month anniversary (8-12 weeks). Those videos will be delivered on a personal webpage where you’ll be able to watch, download, and share.


No. You’ll receive lightly-edited, full-length clips of your ceremony and reception, which includes, special dances, and any pre-planned events that are important to incorporate. Any additional moments that are captured and contribute to the day will be included in the highlight film.

The footage you don't get? It’s nothing but test shots, people eating or not contributing to your story. We'll never keep any special moments from you.


I say I have a semi-documentary style. Our philosophy is that we won’t make you re-do any moments to get it “just right” because we think every moment is perfect as is. Sometimes you'll see a bit of a shake, but that is because we shoot as if we're human, not robots. We want it to feel raw and authentic.

Some Client Love

You made us feel comfortable from our first coffee date. You didn't only understand our vision, but exceeded those expectations in every way! Enya and team, Thank you for making everything from the planning process to the day go so smoothly for us. Thank you for making us feel comfortable. I promise we wouldn't even have a timeline if it wasn't for you. Your work will forever hang on our walls, and put smiles on grandchildren's faces one day.

Lara & Dj