Our Approach

Not Traditional, but Timeless.

I don't want you to look back at your photos in 20 years, and say "Yup, clearly a 2019 trendy wedding", I love the idea of timeless tones, classic black & whites and giving direction that is natural, easy and not limiting to an era.

Artistic Portraits

By giving direction, working with light and being inspired by your love, I want you to trust me with creative direction to capture the most beautiful moments of you and your relationship.

Capturing Loved Ones

We prioritise In-the-moment candids of your guests. More than ever, we value our loved ones, and so your wedding gallery should be filled with their reactions and emotions of the day. (Please remember to schedule enough time for us to do so)

Bringing Life to Your Details

We've moved away from perfect flatlays of your details. I don't hang dresses in trees anymore, but we do capture everything in full and do so with a lot of intention to you and your space.

You Should Know That...

I prioritise getting beautiful candid shots of you and your guests throughout the day, but you'll also get some editorial like portraits that will make you go "We're freaking hot".

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You Should Know That...

My goal is to get at least one photo of every guest attending. We want everyone to feel equally included in your celebration.

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You Should Know That...

I do my best to make you feel comfortable having your photo taken by creating a calm atmosphere and making you feel your best.

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You Should Know That...

When it comes to lighting, the weather or your wedding timeline I feel confident to capture it beautifully.

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You Should Know That...

I'll minimise your stress by providing you with resources that touches all photography related aspects you need to know.

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You Should Know That...

You receive a proper 50 photo sneak peek within 7-10 days of your wedding day

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The proof is in our portfolio