Your True Story

We consume content through our screens on the daily and that has changed how we view weddings in every way. I don’t stage the perfect photo for social media or pressure anyone to "get the shot", because I believe that we are there to enhance your wedding experience, not take away from it.

I try to be present, observe and capture the moments as they are unfolding in front of me. Your wedding should be truly experienced, and I'll focus on capturing it beautifully.

I absolutely love being a wedding photographer, and I truly see this title as the person who will be present at one of the most memorable moments in your life. I don't take that lightly.

"I love that photos make you feel something. 

I love the imperfectly-perfect moments of a wedding day. 

Where human connection comes to life through just one click."

This is what I'm supposed to do

I discovered that Enya means 'God’s eye' and that just once again reassured me that I should be capturing the beauty in this world. I see my business as a opportunity to glorify God through sharing love and serving others.

Our Wedding Film

I married my best friend and High School Sweetheart and my own video team captured and edited our wedding highlight film.

It was honestly the best day of our lives and a representation of the films we'd like to give our clients.

Our Core Values



Our hearts and service will always be inclusive to true love of all sorts. We love all races, shapes and sizes.


Enya Photography is 100% driven by my passion for serving others. I've been lead by God to use my gifts and know that there is a greater purpose with my business.


I value open and honest communication in my personal and professional life. There's a communication process in place to make sure we have everything we need to capture your day and that you feel at ease before your wedding.

Meaningful Connection

We can't just be another service provider, we've tried to just pitch up with basic info and it wasn't for us. We value a professional relationship, with a personal touch.


We've always prioritised reading the room and adapting accordingly. We share in the emotions of the day and capture them as they unfold, while being aware and sensitive to everyone's feelings.

Some Client Love

"We knew it would be amazing to have you part of our journey and it was 100% the right decision. You have so much talent to capture the smallest detail and to make it part of our story. You have photos of moments we had no idea someone else was present at.

Thank you for everything. I’ll recommend you to anyone, any day! You’re amazing and I won’t be able to ever thank you enough.”

Christen & Dehan

About You

That's enough about me.

This celebration is all about you!

You deserve to be 100% present on your wedding day with the people who are all there for you, to feel like your authentic self in front of the camera and feel comfortable doing so, to make this day your own unique experience and to know and trust that your day will be captured beautifully.


For my personal life, film photography has been our way of

capturing special moments. There is something so raw to it,

and that is why it is incorporated into my wedding work.

Here are some of my favs, stretching back to our Uni years from 2017.