So, a lot of people’s first question would be, why would someone get married on a weekday? And to be honest, there are a few reasons why it shouldn’t be able to work, but girl, there are way more reasons why it should.

I offer R3000 off on your chosen package if you’re getting married on a weekday! In my personal experience, weekday weddings have been way more chilled and intimate than weekend weddings (almost as if the guests aren’t planning on waking up hungover the next day, jk).

I’ve also spoken to multiple vendors in the area that also offer discounted prices for weekday weddings! Especially wedding venues!

1. With our current situation a lot of wedding dates have already been taken by 2020 postponed weddings. The chances of you being able to get all your original vendors together will be very difficult if you decide on a weekend date. However, most vendors will be available on Mondays – Fridays. This will help you so much as you don’t have to lose deposits and can still use your dream-team!

2. You can customise your timeline and make it your own! If you want a late afternoon ceremony and take it straight to canapes and reception, you can do that! You can rearrange the day and make it to suit the two of you. This can also mean that your guests can work half-day and then they have plenty of time to attend your wedding!

3. If you were hoping to get married the day you two started dating, weekday weddings can be a great way to mark any significant dates that you would like to continue celebrating for many years to come.

This was just a few reasons why a weekday wedding can work but if you’re not convinced, send me a mail and I’ll try to change your mind