My promise to you

Your photos will be approached with the intention of capturing the essence of your relationship.

The magic is that every time you go through your gallery, you'll find hidden gems that you missed previously, you'll find photos that mean more later on than it does right now and that is part of the beauty of it all.

Your Wedding Photos

The investment that will last a lifetime

As I’ll be around you all day, I want you to feel at ease when I step into the room, so that you can be in the moment knowing that I will capture all the details that will mean so much to you a few years from now.


STARTS AT: R20 000

8+ hours of wedding coverage
Second shooter available
Personalised online gallery
Complimentary engagement session
+50 photo sneak peek within 10 days
Planning assistance

Your Next step

Have something else in mind?

I’m all for being transparent, so I’m open to customizing packages to fit your needs. I’ll hear your wants and must-haves and we can chat about it to make your vision come to life. 

The Process


Start by filling out my contact form with all the important info about you two and your big day! I’ll respond within the next 24 hours


We chat via Zoom call, email, or in person (coffee or cocktails) and you tell me about your dream day & priorities. A bit more about me.


You sign the contract, pay the R10 000 deposit and I’m locked in as your wedding photographer!


Building up to the day I’ll be in constant communication and give you all the resources you might need to plan your day with intention.


Engagement session time! The perfect way to get to know you guys in front of the camera. 


You throw an unforgettable wedding, and I’ll capture all of the moments as they happen!


You get a proper 50+ photo sneak peek within 7-10 days of your wedding!


10-12 weeks later, you’ll get your beautiful photos!


You seem based in a few places, how does this work?

Depending on where I am at that time, the travel fee and accommodation will be adjusted according to my current location. Traveling fees are R5.50 p/km after 100km included, but we're open to accommodating our clients.

What is the process, should we decide to move forward?

I want to make this process as easy as possible, so to book me for your wedding day it’s a R10 000 booking fee and a signed contract to secure your date. Yay!

Can I add on to packages later and start with the basics?

When it comes to products like albums, prints or slideshows we can definitely add that later, but with our black & white portrait services, a second shooter or an additional assistant I would have to arrange that in advance and can’t add that last minute.

What if we don’t want our photos to be shared online?

Some people don’t want to share their entire wedding album with the world and I completely respect that. In our contract there is a box where you can tick if I’m allowed and where I’m allowed to share your photos. This preference should be communicated beforehand as I use my photos for marketing. If you’re fine with me posting your wedding photos, but just don’t want certain photos to be shared online please let me know in advance. For example, photos of kids at wedding.

What happens if we go over the contracted amount of time?

Scheduling a wedding can be difficult, sticking to those scheduled times can be even worse. I almost always stay an extra 15 minutes after our contracted time but if the schedule runs a bit late, I will ask you if you would like to extend our scheduled time. If you would like for me to stay longer, it will cost you an additional R1000/hour as more photos will be taken and this results in more time editing.

My Fiancé/Partner does not like taking photos, is that okay?

This is something I hear on a daily and yes, it is totally okay! I try my best to make the situation as comfortable as possible by giving direction, playing your favourite music and creating a calm atmosphere. This is the main reason why I include engagement sessions in my packages, so I can see how comfortable you guys are and what prompts and direction suits you and your relationship best!

Do you meet with people before booking?

Yes and no. Sometimes clients just want to book as soon as possible and discuss everything over email, Zoom or a phone call where others want an in-person meeting. This is completely up to your preference, our schedules and my location at that time. I do however like the idea of seeing your faces before the big day- even if it is over a video call!

Have you ever shot at our venue before? Does that make a difference?

When I shoot at a venue that I’ve not shot at before I arrive 30-minutes early to scout the locations and visualize where we can shoot what. I don’t think it makes a difference if I haven’t shot there since every wedding is different and shot at different times of the year. If I’m uncertain about a venue, I’ll go on social media and find inspiration or particular spots that I like.

What if you get sick or can’t show up to our wedding?

Although this has never happened before (touch wood), life happens and sometimes situations are uncontrollable. I can assure you that I’ll do everything in my power to get you the perfect photographer for your big day. This is your day and the last thing I want you to worry about is your day being beautifully captured, so I’ll take full responsibility of the situation.

What type of photos can we expect?

If you enquire with me, I really want you to be certain that you like my photos and my editing style. As my style is semi-documentary, I’d like to think that I capture the moments that you aren’t always aware of. You can expect photos of every aspect of your big day, but I want to emphasize that my photos reflect how it felt in that moment! My editing style can be described as true to tone and classic black & white portraits.

You deserve to be 100% present on your wedding day

with the people who are all there for you, to feel like your authentic self

in front of the camera and feel comfortable doing so,

to make this day your own unique experience and to know

and trust that your day will be captured beautifully.

that all love stories are equally beautiful and deserve to be captured in the most honest way!

I believe...

that everyone deserves their true personality to be captured. Of course you’ll get some beautifully posed portraits, but have you ever looked at a photo of someone you know and love and said “yep, that’s them! That’s how I remember them.”

I believe...

that photographs are unknowingly the main source to bring back some forgotten memories.

I believe...

that real and open conversations are very important to any relationship, professional or personal!

I believe...

that this journey has made me learn more about love and relationships than I ever could imagine!

I believe...

Some Client Love

“Having Enya as our photographer was the best decision we made. Her enthusiasm, positivity and professionalism made us feel so comfortable. She has a way of bringing fun and light to everything, which everyone needs on their wedding day! Enya did so much more than she needed to – she tidied up the room, fed one of the babies and made us feel at ease when we ran late. We can’t be happier with our decision!”

Ashleigh & Michael